Personal Training

$60/hr for personal; $30/pp/hr for small group

At Carbon Fit we offer one-on-one personal training or small group (<4) personal training. Based off your goals we cater workouts to you to help you most efficiently reach your fitness potential.


$15/class or 10 for $120

Barre is a creative, encouraging, powerful full body workout. Fusing Pilates, dance, and functional fitness training, this isn't your average Barre technique! Come try this intense workout with us!


$12/class of 10 for $100

An intense indoor cycling class, spin class emphasizes cardiovascular training while strengthening leg muscles. This low-impact class is sure to be one of the best aerobic exercises you try!

Men's & Women's Conditioning

$15/class or 10 for $120

A high energy class combining strength training, cardio, agility, and endurance. With no class being the same, you are sure to leave this workout feeling the burn!

Women's Strength

$15/class or 10 for $120

Burn calories faster by increasing your metabolism with our Women Strength Training class! This class is for women only, focusing on correct form and adding definition to your muscles.



Starting the dance-fitness revolution, Zumba is a fun an "feel good" workout! Working to fast and slow rhythms this is a great cardio and toning class made for everyone!

Massage Therapy

$60/hr or $80/90mins

Our in house massage therapist is here to help you recover better and faster from your workouts. Massage therapy is extremely important in helping the body flush toxins and maintain good mobility.

Nutritional Counseling

$60-single session; Basic package $175; Extended package $300

The most important step in any fitness journey is nutrition. Our nutritional counseling services help you learn how to fuel your body in a way that will leave you feeling healthy and energized! All of our sessions include nutritional education, teaching you the basics of what your body needs to lose fat/gain muscle, macronutrients, proper peri-workout nutrition and supplements, as well as proper nutrient timing. 

A single Session includes an initial assessment of nutrition and body composition measurements. 

Basic Package includes 3 visits. You initial visit is 45 minutes where we review a 3 day food log, take body composition measurements and pictures, and discuss your personal food goals. During your second visit we set behavior goal and review a personalized food plan. Your last session occurs two weeks later, where we again take your body measurements and pictures to see the changes you have made! We also review your adherance chart, and make adjustments to your nutritional plan. 

Our extended package is the same as our basic package, but is designed for someone who needs more follow up sessions. This package includes 5 sessions, with follow ups being biweekly.