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Not your average gym.

Carbon Fit, a boutique-style personal training facility located in Hendersonville, NC, is focused on helping individuals reach their health and fitness goals. We offer a variety of services, classes, and individualized training, all designed with one thing in mind: you.

Together, Greatness.

Whether it's your first 5k or your next ironman triathlon, we want to get you there. Tell us your next goal, and together, we'll set up the perfect regiment to help you achieve greatness. 


Don't just take our word for it.

You’ll never find anyone more dedicated to honing the human body and making you your best “you” than Pam Laughter. She thrives on bringing out the athlete in anyone who wants to be that person they never thought they could be. No judgement, ever, but you better not be a “puddin pop” because she will push you to your limits! And she doesn’t just stand by and spout directions to you, she’s there in the thick of it.... doing the work with you!
— Angel M.
Amazing instructors, facility, and atmosphere! Incredibly motivating and a great work out. I highly recommend this gym!!! You won’t regret it..
— Sutton H.
Such an amazing place to workout. The trainers here really care about their clients and helping them live healthy lifestyles. The nutritional counseling they provide has helped me learn a healthy way to fuel my body.
— Jay B.